Naïf cares for babies

Dutch company Naïf offers high-quality natural skincare products for babies and children. Naïf’s product line cares for babies from head to toe and everything between. All its products are made from only the finest natural ingredients. They are developed and manufactured in labs in the Netherlands, in accordance with all the current regulations. And they guarantee that babies get nothing but the best.

Naïf was born when founders Sjoerd Trompetter and Jochem Hes became dads, as their lives changed radically with their entry into the world of baby care. They discovered it wasn’t easy finding out just what’s good for children and what’s not when it comes to skin products. Check the label and it turns out many care products are packed with mineral oils, chemicals, colourants and allergenic perfumes. That had to change.

This was Naïf’s starting point: a natural skincare line for babies and children, made from only the finest ingredients. It’s important that customers understand and can identify the ingredients, like cottonseed oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil and avocado oil. Here Naïf matches the trend for adults to be highly conscious of their lifestyle choices, wanting to know just what they are eating and applying to their bodies. Why should it be any different for their children? It was time to change. Not having any skincare expertise, Sjoerd and Jochem consulted experts, parents and children to create a range of products which are natural, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and are PH skin natural.


Naïf’s product line cares for babies from head to toe and everything between.

The brand

Although the care products are Naïf’s core business, it was essential to offer their high-quality products attractively. So the founders devoted considerable time and care to evolving their brand. The brand experience has to be positive, offering parents and their families the assurance that they are buying the very best there is. And that not only are the products good, but they look good too. In short: there has to be a feel-good factor in buying.


High-end outlets

Naïf has developed an entire range since introducing its baby-care line in 2014, including shampoo, wash gel, bath oil, nurturing and diaper cream, and sunscreen products, all available from outlets or online. Naïf also creates special gift sets and travel kits. All are made only from fully natural ingredients. The high quality means customers can only buy Naïf products from high-end retail outlets such as pharmacies and top-level department stores. Some 800 outlets in Europe and Asia now stock Naïf products, an expansion achieved by partnering with a range of organisations. A typical example is partnership with kindergarten groupings, schools and hotels. The sunscreen product was developed in cooperation with the Dutch Cancer Association.


In just a few short years Naïf has gained a strong position in the Dutch market, while also extending steadily into other European countries. But the brand has major ambitions and wants the whole world to benefit from its products. And China is definitely a highly-promising emerging market, as a huge country with more than a billion people. Like the Europeans, the Chinese are developing significant interest in a healthy lifestyle for both themselves and their children. But local products are not always trusted, which helps to spur the rapid adoption of Naïf’s natural care products. National regulations have blocked any physical outlets in China yet, but this will soon change.


Facts and Figures

Naïf Care
Founded in 2014
5 employees

Products: Baby care
Operating in: Europe, Asia and the US
15 countries

Founders: Sjoerd Trompetter and Jochem Hes

Mission and vision: No chemicals. No bullshit


Mercuriusweg 82
2516 AW Den Haag
The Netherlands

T: +31(0)070 221 00 21