TGINT: Intelligence for better corporate decision-making

Dutch company TGINT has a unique information position throughout the world. Its intelligence services help companies to make business decisions based on the best available local information. TGINT thus ensures that clients have access to relevant and current information about new markets, reliable partners or customers. TGINT offers companies a solid base for corporate decision-making around the globe. It lets them optimise (new) business opportunities, minimise risks and maximise business results.

Founders and owners Ray Klaassens and Onno van Boven both served in the Dutch Special Forces. They have led many politically-sensitive and high-risk operations across the globe. After their active military careers, both worked for the Dutch intelligence services. In that period they realised that much of the political information they collected and analysed could also be very interesting for the private sector – especially Dutch ones which have done business internationally virtually throughout history. Most companies have neither the skills nor resources to gather this type of detailed, high-quality information. Sharing government information with private companies is more common in other countries, but not in the Netherlands. Klaassens and Van Boven siezed the opportunity and launched Triangular Group Intelligence (TGINT).


TGINT occupies a unique information position so clients can make decisions based on the best available information.

Knowing what happens in the world

TGINT offers three basic services: strategic intelligence and advisory, enhanced due diligence and special solutions. All these activities focus on offering tailor-made information for better
corporate decision-making. Strategic intelligence helps companies wanting to enter new markets. It’s crucial for them to chart the challenges and risks clearly before investing. That needs background information about competitors and the political and economic situation. It’s also useful to know whether it makes sense to open one’s own branch, or work with a local partner. If that’s the case, it’s vital to select the right business partner. TGINT knows what’s happening in the countries concerned, and augments its own knowledge with information from verified partners where needed. This makes the information entirely independent, and it always approaches the playing field with a neutral attitude. The result is decision-making which is both meticulous and thoroughly substantiated.

TGINT Portrait

TGINT knows what’s happening in the countries concerned

Creating an information advantage for customers

TGINT also offers support with enhanced due diligence in selecting the right business partners or integrity investigations. This is extremely useful for companies seeking a reliable business partner in an unfamiliar country, or wanting to check the credentials of a potential partner. Human intelligence in challenging environments, such as developing regions, demands experience and access to trustworthy sources. Underlying it all is an understanding of the social context and cultural customs in a country or region. TGINT has developed a unique methodology that leverages human intelligence resources and deep-search capabilities to deliver an information advantage for clients. This avoids clients teaming up with inappropriate parties, or incurring unnecessarily high expenses.

TGINT farming

Tailor-made intelligence reduces risks

Alongside its standard service offering, TGINT also uses its background in intelligence gathering, scenario analytics, government diplomacy and network activation for special projects. An example of this service is mediation in foreign conflicts. Clients’ projects can be subjected to huge delays with significant financial losses as a result of conflicts or problems. In such cases our experts look for the real causes of the problems. We build up a picture of the situation through an extensive investigation and analysis of the background and all the stakeholders involved. As an independent party we enter into dialogue with the relevant players, to resolve the problems quickly and appropriately. Among other things we use solid, reliable and in-depth (human) intelligence solutions on location to do this, perhaps augmented by psychological profiling. This tailor-made intelligence maximises our client’s growth, while reducing risks posed to their business, greatly increasing the likelihood of success.

TGINT harbor

Facts and Figures

Triangular Group Intelligence (TGINT) B.V.
Amsterdam and Rotterdam
Five employees and an extensive network of specialists
Products: Corporate intelligence consisting of:

  • Strategic intelligence and advisory
  • Strategic market entry and exit support
  • Corporate diplomacy
  • Geopolitical analyses
  • Stakeholder mapping

Enhanced due diligence

  • Human intelligence-based due diligence services in challenging environments
  • Reputational risk advisory

Special solutions

  • Complex problem-solving
  • Litigation support

Operating in:
the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and parts of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Ray Klaassens and Onno van Boven
TGINT occupies a unique information position so that clients can make decisions based on the best available information.

TGINT aims for strategic customer relations, to be the boutique intelligence provider. Core values are discretion, drive and unique access to information.
TGINT operates in the most complicated regions and markets. We step in where others see no solution. 


T: +31 (0) 208 208 207