completes the first Ultra-Clima greenhouse in Kazakhstan

In Astana, Kazakhstan, leading Dutch greenhouse builder KUBO has completed the first Ultra-Clima greenhouse of the country. Under the project name Greenhouse KZ KUBO built a complex of around 9.5 hectares. It includes a packing hall and greenhouse and will be used for the cultivation of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Extreme weather

The Kazakhstan climate confronts growers with harsh winters and hot summers. KUBO suggested a greenhouse based on the Ultra-Clima concept in order to improve yields despite the extreme weather conditions. Ultra-Clima offers a number of advantages over conventional greenhouses, such as maximising food safety, lower energy consumption and CO2 emission and minimum water consumption.

Four years of support

In addition to the complete turnkey project, Their ClimaConnect division will provide four years of assistance with its Full Service Grow Concept. ClimaConnect will be supporting Greenhouse KZ by deploying a cultivation consultant and providing quality management and a monitoring platform.

KUBO is one of the largest greenhouse builders in the world. The company concentrates on creating cost-efficient solutions for food growing and horticulture. It is their philosophy to offer full-service greenhouse construction and realisation, keeping contracting, engineering, manufacturing, construction and service under its own management. ClimConnect is the design and consultancy division.