In 2013 Dutch fathers Jochem Hes and Sjoerd Trompetter launched a natural skincare line for babies and kids. Their endeavour started in the Netherlands but soon their brand gained a lot of international interest. Remarkably, the line didn’t only seem popular with kids, many women also started to use the baby care products. The two entrepreneurs decided to invest all their newly acquired knowledge and experience in the development of a no-nonsense skincare line for women.

High-quality natural ingredients

Naïf offers quality, transparency and natural ingredients. The brand’s mission is to make pure, highly qualitative products accessible to all mothers and babies. Naïf keeps it as simple as possible, so it offers products that don’t contain mineral oils, chemical preservatives or harmful chemicals. Instead, Naïf adds natural ingredients like flax seed oil, avocado oil and lycosol (tomato extract). Naïf’s products do what they promise: to provide the greatest care for your skin, body and hair, with a perfect cleanse to give you that natural glow.

Complete product range

Naïf introduces a basic range in three categories; no-nonsense skin care, hair care and body care. The range consists of: Nurturing Day Cream, Nurturing Night Cream, Cleansing Shower Gel, Nourishing Hand Cream, Purifying Body Scrub, Softening Body Lotion, Nourishing Shampoo and Softening Conditioner. Later this year a Moisturizing Cleanser and various gift sets will be added to the line. All Naïf products are hypoallergenic, pH-neutral and dermatologically tested. Naïf products only contain ingredients that your hair and skin actually need.

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