Emma Safety Footwear

Dutch manufacturer Emma Safety Footwear is to offer full service and support for assembling 375,000 pairs of army shoes in Abu Dhabi over the next three years. Worth 11 million dollars, this is the largest order in the company’s 86-year business history.

Three-year contract

Emma Safety Footwear will provide three years of worldwide purchase of all materials (including the uppers) as well as the entire supply chain, for the National Factory for Safety and Security Products (NFSSP) in Abu Dhabi, capital of the Abu Dhabi emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The NFSSP will assemble the high-quality army boots in its modern production facilities in Abu Dhabi.

Extremely safe and comfortable

Emma Safety Footwear has designed and produced safety footwear since 1931. The company manufactures safety footwear for nine selected industries and also offers a business range of handmade design shoes. These safety shoes are created for intensive use and have an unprecedentedly long lifespan. The supple full grain leather has a superior fit, ensuring optimal comfort. With three key technologies Emma ensures that all its shoes and boots are extremely safe, even in the most demanding circumstances.