One of the largest architectural interventions has been completed for the Victoria and Albert Museum in the heart of London. For this prestigious project the Dutch company Octatube performed the design, engineering, production and installation of different structural glass assemblies and stainless steel structures.


The project includes a new entrance, courtyard, café, museum shop and a large column-free exhibition space 15 meters below ground. On behalf of Wates Construction, the Octatube experts developed and installed several characteristic building parts: the spectacular Oculus skylight, the eye-catcher of the new plaza, the triangular-shaped staircase skylight, the structural glazed cafe and shop facades, the shop-roof skylight, and the glass ‘link’ between the existing Western Range and new museum shop.  

3D designing

The project is characterized by top-end material quality and a high level of craftsmanship, finishes and bespoke detailing. Alongside these challenges there was a very tight construction site and an enormous geometrical challenge. A very passionate architect pushed the limits in every detail. All the project’s building components and interfaces are tailor-made. It was essential to design and engineer everything completely in 3D to ensure a successful project.

Synergies between disciplines

Octatube’s business philosophy focuses on developing new products, optimizing synergies between different design disciplines, and integrating the design, engineering, production and installation processes. Novel design concepts, innovative leaps and crisp decision-making are the result of the tight collaborative arrangements and the constant dialog between the architectural, structural and industrial designers at Octatube. Based in Delft in the Netherlands, the company has participated in projects in the Netherlands, Germany and London.