Voitures Extravert

Two Dutch entrepreneurs are fighting the ban on iconic classic cars in cities around the world, by converting decommissioned vintage Porsche 911 cars into electric vehicles. Voitures Extravert’s mission is to put more classic cars back on the streets, and to contribute to clean air and a sustainable future.

No footprint

The cars Voitures Extravert produces are based on bodies and components from scrapped 911s. The company says there are some 150,000 decommissioned source vehicles that could provide parts to build ‘new’ cars. After restoring the frame Voiture Extravert combines the mechanical Carrera transmission with electric motors powered by a 60 kWh battery. This delivers a range of 400 km, a top speed of 200 km/h and no carbon footprint.

Smoother drive

The cars will be available in the EU, Switzerland, and North-America. The company offers two models: the Quintessenza SE based on a pre-1974 911 body, and the Quintessenza TE based on a late 1970s or 1980s body. Alongside the car’s great classic looks, Voitures Extravert promises improved driving dynamics for the EV, because the batteries are mounted in the front and back to provide a more even weight distribution. For the upcycled electric Porsche 911 they produce a smoother drive and create better balance.