Oceans of Energy

Dutch companies and research institutes (ECN, TNO, MARIN, TAQA, and Oceans of Energy) have initiated the design, construction and operation of the world’s first offshore floating solar farm: ‘Solar at Sea’. The consortium will build a floating solar energy power plant able to deliver clean energy to locations where space on land is scarce.

Renewable energy

Solar at Sea is a unique source of renewable energy, using no scarce land space. This makes it perfect for islands and other remote regions. Over time, using the space available between wind turbines can multiply the energy output of offshore wind parks per square kilometer several times over what’s achieved on land.

Offshore expertise

With its broad range of products, developed in-house, and vast experience as a systems Combining Dutch solar energy technology expertise and Dutch offshore competences is enabling a whole new solar application to be developed. Offshore floating solar is a product which matches Dutch offshore competences and expertise well. It will ultimately be a solution for the entire world, given that the majority of the earth’s population is concentrated in coastal regions.

‘Topsector Energie’

The consortium comprises ECN, TNO, MARIN, TAQA, and Oceans of Energy for a three-year collaboration. Utrecht University will also undertake scientific research with Oceans of Energy. The project is receiving financial support from the Dutch Enterprise Agency (rvo.nl), part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate’s ‘Topsector Energie’, to complete the project over the next three years.