RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam will launch the first Amsterdam Drone Week from 26 – 20 November 2018. The B2B event will be the first official European platform uniting the brightest and most creative minds in the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) industry. It will showcase the latest technology and help to unlock the potential of drones and the discovery of new applications.

Leading EU role

The global market for drone-powered business solutions is currently worth 127.3 billion dollars, and is set to grow exponentially. The EU wants to play a leading global role in developing the right framework for the drone market to flourish, by unleashing the benefits for key economic sectors. The European drone framework should stimulate this ambition, and will be in place by 2020.

Potential business partners

Amsterdam Drone week is staged for anyone operating in the UAV industry or employed in a range of industries which use or want to work with drone technology. The event offers a well-balanced program covering drone regulations, new technology and future solutions. This combination in a new platform will give members the opportunity to meet potential business partners, clients and competitors.