Dutch-based SkyNRG en Shell Aviation have started the supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to international airlines KLM, SAS and Finnair at San Fransisco Airport. The fuel is produced by World Energy. This arrangement aims to pave the way for longer term, more resilient supply chains for sustainable aviation fuels and reduce the carbon emissions of flights from SFO and other airports. 

Ambitious CO2 targets

This initiative responds to the Aviation industry’s ambitious targets, including the cap on net aviation CO2 emissions from 2020 and is a clear sign of commitment by those involved. The Aviation industry faces a formidable challenge; how to grow safely and responsibly given the expected doubling of passenger numbers by 2037.

More players on board

The industry needs collective efforts to scale the development of sustainable aviation fuels. This joint initiative at SFO is a perfect example that would not have been possible without our long-standing supply partner World Energy. In the collaboration with Shell Aviation SkyNRG aims to lead the way towards making the aviation industry more sustainable and strives to get more industry players on board.

Alternative to fossil

SkyNRG is the global market leader for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), having supplied over 25 airlines on all continents. SkyNRG was founded by KLM, Argos Oil and Spring Associates in 2010 to develop the market for sustainable Aviation Fuel. SkyNRG sources, blends and distributes SAF, guarantees sustainability throughout the supply chain and helps to co-fund any price premium versus conventional jet fuel. At the same time, SkyNRG focuses on developing regional supply chains that offer a real sustainable and affordable alternative to fossil fuels.