Dutch leading supplier of robotics and farm management data for the dairy farm Lely has achieved robust growth in 2018. The year saw various milestones the launch of a new Astronaut milking robot and sharing their vision of the ‘future dairy farm.’

New exciting solutions

Lely recently launched several new exciting products, such as the Astronaut A5, a new Juno feed pusher and an innovative system to process milk on the farm, called the Lely Orbiter. The company also started up business in new markets such as Greece, Hungary, Taiwan, Uruguay and Argentina.

The future dairy farm

Lely also presented its vision on a future sustainable, fully robotic dairy farm, designed around the cow and committed to the principles of management by exception. This future dairy farm features groundbreaking innovations, which the company is working on, such as recycling flows of manure and the usage of data driven, decision-supporting software.

Sustainable and profitable

Lely was founded in 1948 and directs all its efforts towards creating a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming. Using the cow as a centre point, the company develops premium robotics and data systems that increase animal welfare, flexibility and production on dairy farms. With their head office in The Netherlands and a worldwide network of dedicated Lely Center locations, the Lely Group is active in more than 40 countries and employs around 1.400 people.