WATpod: innovative solution guarantees social distancing in industrial environment

COVID-19 has completely changed the way we work together. Maintaining a 1.5-meter distance between employees is a challenge for organizations dealing with physical processes and logistics. The WATpod creates a safe workplace for employees and teams.

In order to increase accessibility to this crucial equipment, 3D Hubs has launched the COVID-19 Manufacturing Fund, connecting these projects with both the funds and means of production they need to rapidly produce vital equipment such as protective masks and ventilator parts. Thanks to its global network of manufacturing partners, 3D Hubs is in a unique position to offer such projects access to a virtually unlimited manufacturing capacity that is able to sustain the rapid production of parts. Providing access to various manufacturing technologies including 3D printing, injection molding and CNC machining, this capacity and speed is vital to producing parts in these times of crisis.

Working apart together
The WATpod has been developed by Dutch company Dutchband, which normally supplies identification wristbands and food/refreshment tokens. The WATpod is new device that makes it possible to work (apart) together safely again. This easy-to-use tool will help staff keep a safe distance by notifying them clearly when they are too close to their colleagues. The pod gives employees both an audible and visual signal once another WATpod is detected within the safe zone

Pilot project

The pod, worn ideally on the shoulder or on another clearly visible place, works with
highly sensitive transmitters and receivers to detect other devices. Optionally each device can also keep track of the total ‘exposure’ of an employee, and will display a visual indication once a pre-set threshold is reached. The first pilot project is underway at two cargo locations at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. The WATpod is currently in production, and will be shipped globally by the end of July.