The Amsterdam-based company Tiqets has announced a new Recovery Package for venues. The package is designed to help museums and attractions of all sizes adjust to the new capacity, safety, and communications requirements in the COVID-19 era. In this way, they can keep up with new safety and communications demands without any additional costs.

Maximize revenues
The Recovery Package can do much more than simply increase revenue. The company has expanded its time slot-based ticketing options, which will enable venues to embed the Tiqets Booking Engine on their website. This will help establishments meet the new capacity requirements in no time. In addition, Tiqets is waiving the commission fees for the venues’ use of this platform until they are financially stronger.

Joining forces
Tiqets also designed a new bundle and upsell offers that will enable venues to offer a joint package within a region. This can be a more enticing deal for domestic customers and ensures more revenue for venues when capacity is restricted. Furthermore, Tiqets is rolling out new filters for consumers to assist them in their selections. These filters include updated opening hours, hygiene measures at the venues, and free cancellations.

Tiqets is an Amsterdam-based company that was founded in 2014. Its investors include some notable names, such as Airbnb, HPE, and Investion. With over 200 employees, the company operates in Seattle, Las Vegas, Orlando, Philadelphia, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Vienna, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Osaka.