WeTransfer, a Dutch-based company that makes tools to move ideas, has become a Certified B Corporation. This prestigious designation marks the company among global technology organizations with high environmental, social, and legal standards.

A force for good
Building a business that’s a force for good is at the core of WeTransfer’s company ethos. Since the beginning, the Amsterdam-based company has maintained a commitment to its creative community through a wide spectrum of initiatives, including donating 30% of its advertising space to support artists and social causes.

Responsible growth
Now, more than ever, WeTransfer is committing to setting the bar for responsible technology companies. This year the company is conducting an audit with DotEveryone that will establish what responsible growth means to WeTransfer, and ensure its platform supports a fair, inclusive and sustainable society. It is also taking the first step in reducing its environmental footprint by becoming carbon neutral this year and committing to a 30% CO2 reduction by 2025.

People, planet, profit
Gordon Willoughby, WeTransfer’s CEO explains: “WeTransfer, founded over 10 years ago, has long supported the values espoused by Certified B Corporations: balancing people, planet and profit. This announcement marks the continued efforts and commitment toward promoting responsible technology and business. We believe in accountability for the products and technology we put into the world, and we will strive to push our peers to transform our industry into a more responsible and sustainable one.”