Amsterdam-based agricultural technology startup Connecterra has secured a substantial investment. This investment helps the company to grow its presence in dairy leading regions such as Europe, North America and New Zealand. Connecterra is also working on scaling out and developing the AI models and technology behind its Ida AI platform.

Food for 10 billion people
Connecterra is based on the idea of solving big issues our planet is facing. One issue is that by 2050, a 60% improvement in global food productivity will be required to feed an estimated population of 10 billion people. Another issue is the dairy industry itself, which isn’t highly efficient and production methods aren’t very sustainable.

Sustainable farming
Connecterra’s mission is to train Artificial Intelligence in farming. This will empower farmers of all sizes to increase productivity, while reducing the impact animal agriculture has on our planet. The company developed Ida, an artificial intelligence-based system. It connects farmers and the value chain for identifying issues on a farm, recommending solutions, and supporting farmers transition to sustainable farming. Ida also enables running the most efficient dairy farm by working with farmers to identify issues, recommend solutions, and streamline operations.

Sensor technology, data and machine-learning
Ida started off as sensor tech but it has now evolved into a full-stack technology and AI platform. Connecterra combines proprietary sensor hardware, animal data, third-party enterprise data, and machine-learning algorithms in Ida. The solution enables users to track the management of individual cows and delivers information such as milk yield, management of antibiotic plans and biological cycles.