Amsterdam-based education tech startup Wizenoze helps students to find relevant info on the internet. It’s hard to find relevant, readable and reliable educational content to support research and study. The company addresses this problem by facilitating access to an internet tailored for education: Web for Classrooms.

Improving learning results
Wizenoze was founded in September 2013 in Amsterdam and uses AI driven technologies that enable students to search and find content online that matches their needs and reading skills. The company’s service, Web for Classrooms, is free from ads and provides access to over 16 million curated web pages from teacher-approved sources. It also matches the learner’s reading level to cut down on time taken to absorb information. Wizenoze claims that as per a research done on classrooms worldwide, 91 percent of students with access to Web for Classrooms improved their learning results.

Global mission
Diane Janknegt, Founder of Wizenoze. “We are on a global mission to reach 1.5 billion students and give them access to the best educational information that the internet has to offer. Matched to their own learning capabilities.”