Amsterdam-based startup Castor uses AI to offer a cloud-based clinical data platform that helps to discover new drugs and helps healthcare professional exchange information reliable and secure. The company now has raised funds to support international COVID-19 research.

Secure cloud environment
Castor offers an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system for medical researchers to help them easily capture and integrate high-quality data from any source on one compliant platform. It helps set up data capture forms, collaborate with colleagues, invite patients through questionnaires, import, export and analyze their data in a secure, compliant cloud environment.

Maximize impact of data
The Dutch company tackles the three key challenges in the clinical trial space: making research more patient-centric, maximizing the impact of data on human lives, and better addressing the needs of underserved communities. The new investment enables significant progress in all three areas by continuing to deliver user-friendly, accessible technology that can support remote trials, while ensuring machine-readable output that allows for trial automation and data reuse.