GrandVision, global leader in optical retail that operates in more than 40 countries, has signed on to easee’s digital eye test platform. The new partnership with Dutch company easee further enhances the retailer’s customer journey in the European market.

Clear vision for everyone
The mission of Dutch-based ease is to make clear vision accessible to everyone. And that starts with knowing how good your eyes are. To accomplish this mission the company developed the world’s first CE-marked online eye exam. Easee developed their proprietary platform in close cooperation with UMC Utrecht and in line with the requirements of the European Commission. Research proves easee’s online refraction test is as accurate as an in-person exam.

Fast online eye tests
As the eyewear market is moving online, the need for adequate and fast online eye testing grows. By using the easee platform, GrandVision customers all over Europe can choose to visit a store to receive validated renewal prescriptions, or simply take eye tests online. The platform is being piloted with the company’s Finnish and Polish retailers. Easee continues to develop its software, and is looking into applying the technology to other areas, providing the world with a comprehensive digital platform for online eye tests.