Satellite-powered geo-data analytics company Satelligence provides companies, governments and NGO’s daily insights into the global performance of agricultural production and supply chain risks, such as deforestation, forest fires and flooding.

Eliminate deforestation
The Dutch agri-tech startup, based in Utrecht, has secured funding to bring about a transformation in the global commodity supply chains and eliminate deforestation. The company leverages insights based on satellite and supply chain asset data, machine learning and human intelligence.

Minimize loss and damage
The startup offers organizations more accurate and granular visibility over supply chains to identify environmental risks and opportunities and take meaningful action. It helps them to make the right sourcing and investment decisions and minimizes losses and damage. The company helps customers including Mondelez, Unilever, Bunge, World Bank, Rabobank, Robeco, World Wildlife Fund, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands demonstrate progress towards zero deforestation.

Responsible sourcing
Its innovative technology monitors land cover changes such as deforestation and fire impact using satellite imagery and artificial intelligence. These can be analyzed within the most complete and up-to-date supply chain asset information. Rapid warnings and science-based information delivered via web app, data feeds or custom reports help identify risky suppliers and reduce the necessity for ground checks. Apparently, it leads to better engagement and responsible sourcing strategies, contracts and investments.