The world of textiles is changing and sustainable production methods, with less environmental impact become increasingly important for retailers, brands and producers. The DyeCoo textile dyeing machines offer a new clean technology and process, based on supercritical CO2 dyeing. This dyeing process of polyester textiles and yarn is a water-free and chemical-free.

Saving 32 million liters of water
The fashion and apparel industry is responsible for generating 20% of the global water industrial wastewater and a significant part is contributed to dyeing. With over 50% of all garments in the industry made of polyester based fabrics, DyeCoo’s machines offer an enormous impact to the industry. For example, one of the machines can process 800 tons of polyester per year, effectively saving 32 million liters of water and avoiding the use of processing chemicals.

Short-term results and long-term ambitions
The Dutch scale-up’s mission is to passionately lead the textile industry to a lean and clean future. DyeCoo’s CO₂ technology is the world’s first 100% water-free and process chemical-free textile processing solution. Providing geographical freedom from water sources and offering textile manufacturers a head start on legislation that restricts the use of hazardous process chemicals. Its low operating costs allow you to elevate your short-term results and long-term ambitions.

International interest
The company focusses on expanding the take-up of the technology further. DyeCoo has twelve machines in operation at the facilities of customers in Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan and its case is proven internationally. This summer DyeCoo will ship the innovative 4th generation CO2 textile dyeing systems to Taiwan. Proving the increasing demand for more sustainable production methods and international interest in Dutch GreenTech.