One third of all food produced in the world is wasted and Dutch food-tech startup OneThird wants to fix this global problem. With its “fresh produce quality prediction platform”, the company has developed technology and algorithms to help reduce waste in the food supply chain.

OneThird’s solution for fighting food loss and waste, offers growers, distributors, and retailers high-accuracy shelf-life prediction of produce at any stage of the supply chain. This ensures the right product gets to the right place at the right time. The innovative platform combines expertise in spectroscopy, data analysis, and biology.

Unique prediction technology
Getting fresh produce from the grower to the retailer is a complex process, because the quality varies according to the season and environmental conditions. The unique prediction technology that OneThird developed, allows quality inspectors throughout the complete food supply chain to get real-time feedback about shelf life and other quality parameters of fresh produce and take better decisions.

Optimize logistics and quality
The platform enables dynamic routing and pricing and helps to prevent food waste, optimize fresh produce logistics, and improve the quality of fresh produce for consumers. Through data-driven quality prediction of fresh produce the Dutch foodtech company OneThird supports the global fight against food waste.