With the world in lockdown, no-one was travelling. But slowly people are starting to make plans for roadtrips again. This is good news for the Amsterdam-based traveltech scale-up Polarsteps.

Personal travel journal
Polarsteps is developed and designed in Amsterdam by passionate travellers. Their intuitive travel blogging app automatically tracks routes and places people visit while they travel. Polarsteps takes the boring tasks out of people’s hands. Every photograph, every video or note is automatically assigned to the location where it happened. The app uploads everything to a personal travel journal, allowing friends and family to track all adventures in real-time.

Automated syncing
The apps works everywhere because the GPS works independent of mobile reception. It syncs its data whenever users cross a pocket of cell reception or when they log in to the Wi-Fi at the cafe or hotel. Once connected to the internet, the app transfers travel routes, key locations and photos to your Polarsteps page on a map.

Over 180 countries
Polarsteps is already used by travelers in over 180 countries to track their journeys. During the pandemic the company optimized their automated travel blogging app and services, so people can easily share their adventures when the borders open.