The advanced screening tests that Dutch HR tech start-up TestGorilla developed, identifies the best candidates and makes hiring decision faster, easier, and bias-free. The company helps to predict real-world job performance using a growing library of more than 135 scientifically validated tests.

Fast and well-informed decisions
TestGorilla was launched in 2020. Its pre-assessment platform helps companies hire the right talent by assessing all factors relating to job success for the candidate, such as cognitive abilities, soft skills, specific job skills, culture fit, motivation, and language proficiency.
TestGorilla enables companies to rank candidates based on solid data, gathered through relevant testing exercises. Their unique personality and value tests allow HR managers to make fast, well-informed decisions on candidate based on the most important criteria. The unique platform puts an end to costly mis-hires.

International expansion
The company is ambitious and plans to further develop its proprietary technology and increase the test library to cover more job skills, improving the platform’s ability to predict job success. In addition to that, the start-up will look for international expansion first, and then will focus on growth within its current core markets.