Dutch startup Foleon offers a content creation platform that makes it easy for anyone to create interactive content that is 100% on brand. By automating content creation processes companies can streamline content creation and grow the ROI on marketing efforts.

Content is king
Content is king, but creating great content takes time and money. That’s why Foleon provides B2B companies with an intuitive drag & drop editor. They also developed the interactive Foleon Doc format that empowers customers to create bespoke digital content experiences that are engaging, intelligent, and scalable.

Innovation roadmap
The company was founded in 2013 in Amsterdam and already has expanded its activities to other European countries and the US. New funding offers Foleon the opportunity to double the team and boost product development. The innovation of the platform will be focused on improving business user optimization and collaboration. The roadmap also includes developing extra features for the drag-and-drop editor and adding new features and options for dynamic content creation.