ZIVVER offers a user-friendly solution for secure e-mail and file transfer. Their high-tech secure communications platform prevents sensitive information from being shared with unauthorized persons. This safeguards organizations from high financial penalties and damage to their reputation.

Secure sensitive data
In segments like healthcare, law and banking personal information is shared via e-mail or WhatsApp. With ZIVVER these companies can exchange sensitive data in a safe and compliant way. ZIVVER, founded in 2015, focuses on the leading cause of data leaks: human errors, such as addressing e-mails incorrectly, adding incorrect attachments and using weak passwords. The company developed applications that help in securing sensitive data before, during and after sending messages and large files.

European expansion
The solution by ZIVVER can be used within your standard e-mail, like Outlook, via WhatsApp or other communications apps. This can be done within standard e-mail applications, like Outlook, via WhatsApp or other user-friendly apps. Since the introduction of the platform in 2017, ZIVVER has gained a considerable market share in the Dutch healthcare and public sector. Their technology is also interesting for markets like the legal professions, insurers and service providers. The Amsterdam-based organization is also expanding to other European markets.