Amsterdam-based start-up YourDesq developed an online platform for easy access to flexible work spaces or meeting rooms. Co-working spaces can sign up for the platform to attract a new crowd, but it’s an opportunity for companies or hotels with empty offices and empty meeting rooms.

Healthy work-life balance
The idea for this innovative office space booking platform already existed pre-COVID, but the lockdown accelerated the need of flexible work spaces. Employees and their companies experienced that hybrid working can be productive and helps to maintain a healthy work-life balance. More flexibility in choosing one’s work space has many benefits. Less loss of time in traffic jams, minimal environmental impact and lower stress levels.

Create third workplaces
Many employers want to facilitate third work places for their people. At YourDesq, they can find professional work spaces that fit their needs. Hosts can specify on their listing page what they offer to ease the search. So the match is perfect.

International ambitions
YourDesq is ambitious and currently in contact with companies from all sizes to join the platform and offer employees a more flexible way of organizing their workweek. They also aim to go international because the concept is easy to scale and easy to bring across the border.