Creative Industry in the Netherlands

Creative Industry in the Netherlands

The creative industry is the most dynamic top sectors in the Dutch economy. The creative industries (such as design, media and entertainment, fashion, gaming and architecture) are a driver of innovation in other sectors. They provide creative solutions for societal challenges in areas such as healthcare, security and energy. The Dutch creative industry is internationally a top 10 player.

The creative industry is one of the nine top sectors of the Dutch economy, which the government wants to excel internationally. Over the top sector policy the government wants to make targeted investments with companies and science prerequisites for knowledge, innovation, export, finance and human capital. The so-called top teams with entrepreneurs, scientists and the government are to advise the government. initiate and they also contribute to meke sure that the top sectors remain competitive in the global market.

The Creative Industries sector involves companies that find their raison d’être in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Sectors covered by the top sector include advertising, architecture, fashion, gaming, design, music and media & entertainment. In addition to creating shape, significance or symbolic value , the top sector Creative Industries invests in methods of design: the creative process of innovation. This makes the creative industry well placed to contribute to innovation in other sectors and solving social challenges.


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Source: CBS (2015): Monitor topsectors 2015, results 2011, 2012 en 2013