Chemical Industry in the Netherlands

Chemical Industry in the Netherlands

The Chemical Industry in the Netherlands produces processed products by altering the chemical composition of existing substances. In the categories of basic chemicals, food ingredients, coatings and high performance materials The Netherlands is a key player the world.

Chemistry is one of the nine sectors that the government has designated as a top sector. The chemical sector produces and edits raw materials by chemical changes in existing substances. The final products can be applied in various ways, and therefore has many end-use markets.

Like other sectors related to the chemical industry with scarcity of raw materials: they run out or are not readily available. This problem, however, also offers possibilities. The Netherlands has a strong chemical industry and will play a leading role in the transition to green and sustainable chemistry. This means that sustainable and environmentally friendly raw materials are used for smart materials and solutions.

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Source: CBS (2015): Monitor topsectors 2015, results 2011, 2012 en 2013