Sustainable Energy Industry in the Netherlands

Energy Industry in the Netherlands

Energy supply is important for Dutch society and must be clean, reliable and affordable. Internationalization of the energy and goals in terms of CO2 reduction are high priority themes. The growing demand for (renewable) energy offers many opportunities for the energy sector. For example, in the area of ​​generation and transport and trade in energy. Due to its favorable location at sea, the strong position of seaports, the presence of gas and gas infrastructure The Netherlands is rapidly becoming the energy hub of Europe.

The energy sector is one of the nine sectors that the government has designated as a top sector. Companies, scientists and government work in the Top Sector Energy together with advice and program lines, in which they indicate what measures the industry has to take, so it can remain competitive in the global market.

In addition to the competitive position of Dutch companies, the CO2 reduction sits centrally within the top sector. The sector’s energy innovation is essential to achieving both the green and growth targets. In the short term – in 2020 – contributes energy innovation to necessary cost: energy innovations contribute to lowering the cost of reducing CO2 emissions, developing renewable energy sources and exploiting them smarter. In the long term – 2050 – energy research and innovation contributes to the fundamental transition to a low-CO2 Dutch energy economy by developing new technologies.


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Source: CBS (2015): Monitor topsectors 2015, results 2011, 2012 en 2013