Life Science & Health

Life Science and Health in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, as well as in the whole of Europe, aging increases the demand for care. Moreover, everyone wants to be vitally old, thus the bar will be placed higher. The health care expenditures are placing incresingly greater demands on the available budget. This is the major social challenge of care. The top sector Life Sciences & Health picks up the gauntlet of this vital challenges towards citizens and a healthy economy.

The Netherlands has a strong position in the global LSH sector. Biomedical research at the Dutch university medical centers and universities standing in international rankings are quoted very high. Dutch companies are developing pioneering innovations for the rapidly growing international healthcare market. Through a unique combination of knowledge and skills the sector offers great opportunities for the Dutch knowledge economy.

The sector Life Sciences & Health is one of the nine sectors that the government has designated as a top sector. The sector covers the broad field of medical technology from (bio) pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine to health infrastructure. Like no other sector it can contribute to the quality of (animal) health solutions to social issues, more activity and economic prosperity. For example, by providing healthcare solutions that improve quality of life and by providing an accessible, affordable care.


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Source: CBS (2015): Monitor topsectors 2015, results 2011, 2012 en 2013