Water Industry in the Netherlands

Water Industry in the Netherlands

The Water Top Sector focuses on the protection of land, water & energy technologies for water re-use and smart & safe ships. The top sector comprises three clusters: Water, Delta and Maritime Technology. The Dutch knowledge of these clusters is among the best in the world.

The Top Sector Water is a collaboration of government, industry and research institutions to remain nationally and internationally promote Dutch water sector. It is elected for a firm goal: doubling the value added between 2010 and 2020. For the industry-wide themes Human Capital and Export & Promotion are also two core teams appointed. SMBs companies are important players because of their specific expertise and creative input.

Water Technology

The industry Water Technology supplies clean water of the highest quality, whilst making the strain on our environment as low as possible. The Dutch knowledge and technology, which is designed to produce drinking and industrial water of the highest level, is used and sold worldwide. This also applies to our knowledge and technology around the purifying and reuse of waste water. The international market for water technology is big and mainly offers opportunities for local and integrated solutions for water supply and technology (re) use of fresh water and the use of alternative sources. All parts of the Water Technology sector are formulated in three innovative themes: resource efficiency, smart water systems and Sustainable cities.

Maritime technology

The Netherlands is the maritime center of Europe and has one of the strongest and most complete maritime clusters in the world. This strong position is possible through a versatile maritime industry, a diverse fleet of ships, the largest inland fleet in Europe and largest port capacity in the world. Additionally The Netherlands is leading worldwide in the field of offshore services and development of complex marine systems. Economic and social challenges are combined into four main innovation themes: winning at sea, clean ships, effective infrastructure, smart & safe driving.

Delta Technology

Delta Technology makes it possible to live and work in low-lying deltas. In The Netherlands, we have a strong international reputation when it comes to Delta Technology. The construction of the sand engine and Maasvlakte are great showcases for foreign countries. But the rest of the world knows where to find the Dutch technology, for example in making the ‘waterproof’ New Orleans, the construction of a flood barrier in St. Petersburg or advice after Hurricane ‘Sandy’ in New York.

Society demands integrated and sustainable solutions for the management of the water system as the quantity and quality of surface water and flood protection. Delta Technology sector has chosen to cluster the knowledge developments and innovations in three areas: eco-design, flood protection, water management.

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